Kalispell Montana concrete work


board form reliefInterior floor overlayscolor-brush texture Morning EagleInterior floor stainingMissoula Streetscape-sandblast2009-pictures-58412013-05-20T11-49-07_02013-05-20T11-49-07_1DSCN03742009 pictures 5222009 pictures 569Riverwood cobbleseamless sandstone with borderRaddatz-ICF4The Pines 034concrete shower, countertops and fireplace surround 001November 1, 2007 014NWC-Ford-Shabert-cant.stepsNWC-Gunlikson 07patio with inlaySept and Oct 2007 182Snellen and Shabert pics 8.08 090Snellen and Shabert pics 8.08 024






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  1. Hi, Wondering if you do any interior polished concrete floor work? Just starting to investigate changing from a carpeted basement to concrete flooring (approximately 600 square feet) . We live in Kalispell. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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